The Open Publishing Lab is a cross-disciplinary center dedicated to researching and developing innovative, open source applications for publishing across various media.

Members of the Open Publishing Lab
Founded in 2007 and based within Rochester Institute of Technology’s School of Print Media, the OPL is a collaborative space where students and faculty work to imagine and create the future of publishing.

Building on RIT’s Strengths

The OPL collaborates with outside companies and organizations to better understand emerging challenges in the rapidly evolving world of publishing. Leveraging the wide range of expertise at RIT, the OPL brings a unique, cross-disciplinary approach to solving real world problems. Students and faculty from programs like Information Technology, Software Engineering, Computer Science, Design, and Publishing collaborate to create products that enable and empower individuals to be involved with publishing in it’s many forms.

Open Source Solutions

As part of our commitment to an Open Source approach, each solution we developed is released, free of charge, to the greater community though our website and via our partners. Our hope is to better both the publishing industry and individual communities; empowering business and citizens alike to publish in new ways.

Strengthening Curriculum

The OPL is also committed to helping the publishing industry through curricular integration. We bring our focus on solving the challenges facing the publishing industries into the classroom, providing students with the opportunity to better understand its needs and preparing them to make a difference when they enter the workforce.

Our Three Goals (The Three “E’s”)

  • Extend existing publishing platforms
  • Enable new publishing products and business models
  • Empower individuals and communities to easily tell their stories as never before

What is Open Publishing?

To learn more about what exactly Open Publishing is, click here. You can also watch a video interview of Tim O’Reilly discussing the benefits of Open Publishing.

Learn More About Us

To learn more about the OPL in depth, please download our 2010 Year in Review, which discusses what’s been happening within the lab and includes a list of publications and conference papers, presentations, and media mentions. Get it here!