About Us

The Open Publishing Lab (OPL) at the Rochester Institute of Technology is a unique, multi-disciplinary research organization investigating new methods of content creation and developing innovative, open-source applications for digital publishing across various media channels.

Founded in 2007 and based within Rochester Institute of Technology’s School of Print Media, the OPL is a collaborative space where students and faculty work to imagine and create the future of publishing. At the OPL, Software Engineers work alongside Industrial Designers, and Information Technology students collaborate with professors from Print Media.

Leveraging the wide range of programs at RIT, the OPL brings a unique, cross-disciplinary approach to solving real world problems. Our solutions are released free of charge to the public though our website and our partners. In doing so, we seek to meet a commitment to both industry and community service, thereby empowering businesses and citizens alike to publish in new ways.

Open Publishing

Open publishing can mean many things — from models of Open Source development and deployment to the transparent authoring of content. The Open Publishing Lab embraces a number of these meanings to create a framework for developing publishing applications that accomplish our 3 E’s:

  • Extend existing publishing platforms
  • Enable new publishing applications and business models
  • Empower people to publish as never before